Our story

We are a legitimate and reliable supplier of Energy drinks. As an official supplier with the exclusive rights to distribute, RED BULL AND MONSTER ENERGY drinks. AGRO-SITTARA is 100% guaranteed as original – wholesalers & trade suppliers of energy drink and we sell at factory prices.

AGRO SITTARA’s aim is to be a profitable, regional and fast-growing total beverage company, expanding into snacks and food, while pursuing innovation, and efficiencies in everything we do, everyday…

We will pursue our objectives while consistently providing returns to our shareholders, delivering quality choices to our customers, and maintaining a healthy working environment.


Our Mission

AGRO-SITTARA’s mission is to play a vital role in assisting our customers, consumers and employees in surpassing their individual optimism of the future through inspiration, innovation, service and making a difference with our refreshments.

Our mission is driven by heart-filled action and our success is measured by the happiness of all who benefit from the solutions and beverages we provide.

Why Choose Us


Our Red Bull & Monster XXL Energy Drink is Original with a shelf life of 24 Months.


We meet you at your Point of Need! Get your consignment home-delivered.


Our Red Bull & Monster XXL Energy Drink is shipped worldwide.


Our Refunds Policy ensures the protection of our clients.

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